Internships 2018

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Internships 2018

For Dutch and English speaking candidates, we have open positions for graduation internships (MSc, from August/September until January 2019). We're also open to receive proposals for other type internships like shorter research projects. 

Deadline graduation internships autumn semester: 1st of June 2018

Great you're interested in applying for an internship with us!

We are constantly looking for students who want to be part of our team to help us with research and development of our services and products. This can be done as a (regular) internship or as part of graduation for the duration of 4-6 months.

Below you'll find more information about our team, the work and the information you expect from a vacancy.

What do we expect from you?

You'll work with a team, but nobody will tell you on a daily basis what you have to do. It requires an independent and assertive attitude. We have a number of strategic goals and questions and with R&D projects like yours we want to fundamentally improve our services.

Together we'll determine the exact focus of the assignment, but we do expect 1-2 first ideas or directions accompanying your application which we will further refine with you. You will certainly also have the chance to cooperate in our client engagements to gain sufficient insight into our field of work. In addition, there is the possibility of conducting research in the process with our customers if necessary.

Recent interns focused on questions like: 

  • How can we empower our clients to use the outcomes of our projects more effectively?
  • How can we help our clients to reframe their perceived problems?
  • Can we build a practical framework to address factors like team dynamics, hierarchy and trust during our sessions? 

What do we offer?

Good coffee, delicious healthy fresh lunch and a nice team. You will also receive an internship allowance.

We have projects throughout the Netherlands and in more and more places in Europe and beyond. The Groothandelsgebouw next to the central station in Rotterdam is our home base.

You are still there? Great :)

We don't like CVs in which someone tells us at which secondary school he / she has sat and in which supermarket the shelves were stocked in the past. We prefer a job application in which you briefly tell us who you are and why you are cut out for this internship - and if a certain study or employer is relevant to it, we will probably read it there.

Portfolio? Yes please! You can share it with a link in the application form, e.g. from Dropbox or Google Drive (please don't use WeTransfer or another service with expiring links).